What is Tobacco Free Nicotine (TFN)?

What is Tobacco Free Nicotine (TFN)?

tfn nicotine not derived from tobacco leaf, stem, or waste dust

If you're an avid vape user you may have noticed tobacco free nicotine hitting the shelves. But what is TFN you ask? TFN has a more complicated manufacturing process than traditional nicotine from the tobacco plant. Tobacco actually isn't used at all when making TFN. To create TFN, scientists in a clean lab build the molecules of nicotine from scratch. The process is patented by Next Generation Labs and states that they begin with a "natural starter material" and gradually create the nicotine molecule around it. 

This results in lab-made nicotine, or as it's commonly called, TFN! Tobacco free nicotine does not contain tobacco material and does not contain naturally-occurring nicotine, therefore it's synthetic. However, the molecular structure of TFN is identical to traditional nicotine, and how it interacts with your body is also the same. TFN has no bitter impurities or nasty solvents, this makes it an ideal choice for vape juices because it does not alter the flavor. 

The real difference between TFN and tobacco-derived nicotine isn't the nicotine, but rather what comes along in addition to the nicotine. TFN is pure nicotine, while traditional nicotine includes a lot of impurities from the tobacco plant and potentially the solvent used to strip the nicotine from the tobacco leaves.  

TFN provides adult consumers a real alternative to the tobacco flavors and tobacco based nicotine used commonly in vape products, while also offering a satisfying nicotine experience. Want to experience it for yourself? Try any of our incredibly tasty and satisfying Aloha Sun Vape flavors.


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